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How to Prevent the Overheating of RV Reducers?

Many users of gearboxes are aware that they are used to reduce the speed of the main equipment and increase torque, meeting our requirements. Despite being a small component, it is an indispensable auxiliary device for many machinery manufacturers. However, prolonged operation can lead to high temperatures.

So, what are the methods to cool down gearboxes?

The working environment of gearboxes is generally poor, often operating in high-temperature conditions. Therefore, cooling becomes particularly important.

Let's briefly introduce four main cooling methods for RV gearboxes:

1. During prolonged operation, the temperature of the oil tank and bearings should not exceed 35℃ and 45℃ respectively.

2. In case of emergency situations requiring prolonged operation of the gearbox, it is necessary to equip the equipment with a cooling system to ensure uninterrupted operation.

The gearbox can be equipped with cooling spiral pipes, through which the user can connect cooling water. As the cooling water passes through the spiral pipes, it absorbs heat and dissipates it, thereby achieving the cooling effect.

3. The flow rate of the cooling water should not be too high, but it should be sufficient to pass through the gearbox.

4. If the gearbox is not in use for a long time, there is a risk of freezing. Therefore, the cooling water must be drained properly.

During the normal operation of the gearbox, it is necessary to have personnel periodically inspect the surroundings. If any abnormalities are detected, the operation should be immediately stopped. This will help eliminate potential risks, extend the lifespan of the gearbox, and improve work efficiency.


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