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Lubricant fault form of Planetary Reducer


Planetary gear reducers are usually driven by electric motors. A high-speed internal combustion engine or other power can reduce the engine speed by meshing a large gear with fewer teeth on the input shaft of a planetary reducer. The common planetary reducer also has some gear pairs with the same principle to achieve the ideal deceleration effect, that is, the tooth ratio between the big gear and the small gear, that is, the transmission ratio.

Number of planetary gears. Because one set of planetary gears can't meet the requirements of larger transmission ratio, sometimes two or three sets are needed to meet the requirements of larger transmission ratio. Due to the increase of the number of planetary gears, the length of the two-stage or three-stage planetary gear reducer will increase and the efficiency will decrease.

Clearance stroke: the output is stable, the input end rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, so that the input end outputs the rated torque +2% of the torque, and the planetary input end of the reducer has a small angular displacement, which is clearance stroke. The unit is "minutes", which is one of the 60 first-class grades. Also called back space.

Main forms of lubricating oil fault of planetary reducer:

1. Vibration and noise cause environmental pollution

After the reducer is started, the gear is worn or the transmission device is poorly assembled, which will cause great vibration. Bearing damage, gear wear, gear damage or foreign body stuck, etc., will produce a loud and long piercing sound. All these mistakes will cause serious noise pollution.

2, the oil temperature is too high will cause equipment damage

During the operation of the reducer, due to insufficient lubricating oil or overload of equipment, the internal temperature of the reducer lubricating oil rises rapidly, causing some parts to be damaged. Related reducers. Some devices do not eliminate internal stress and have large thermal deformation, resulting in low accuracy of reducers, and some devices are damaged at high temperature due to low material strength. In the process of work, when foreign objects enter the reducer, some reducers that are inflexible in the process of work will get stuck on the transmission parts, resulting in uneven work or abnormal vibration.

3. Bad lubrication of gear pair leads to tooth surface wear

Because of the bad working environment of planetary gear reducer, it is not easy to form lubricating oil film between meshing surfaces, and static electricity exists, which leads to pitting corrosion or friction wear on the gear surface, deformation of bearing and shaft chamber surface, and serious wear on the gear surface.

4. Environmental pollution caused by oil spill

In the reducer, oil leakage in the box can be caused by oil seal damage, gasket damage, oil plug loss or standard oil damage, etc., and it can also cause a large amount of high oil level or multiple cold starts, resulting in bubbles in lubricating oil, which leads to oil leakage into the air and serious environmental pollution.

5. The internal structure design of planetary reducer is not standardized

In the structure of the reducer, because the cover plate on the inspection hole is very thin, it is easy to deform locally after tightening the screw, resulting in oil leakage in the contact gap. When a large amount of lubricating oil accumulates in the end cover of gearbox joint structure, the pressure difference causes the lubricating oil to leak from the joint gap.

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