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How to maintain and lubricate the gear reducer

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The specific operation method of the planetary reducer is to remove the spindle coupling, open the upper cover of the planetary reducer and discharge the lubricating oil in the planetary reducer. Wipe all gears with cotton yarn, and block the climbing parts of all bearings with asbestos sheets.

Completely prevent abrasives and other impurities from invading and grinding bearings. The utility model provides a method for fixing the high point of the convex tooth surface by supporting the concave tooth surface of the gear grinding machine with an electric file. Stir with white lead oil and appropriate amount of engine oil to make a paste. Brush them evenly on all gear pairs. Then the main motor starts grinding back and forth.

When the meshing contact area of the gear reaches the tooth length, tooth height and smoothness, after stopping grinding, carefully clean the bearings, gears and shafts of the planetary gear reducer, clean the gears with kerosene, then clean all parts of the gear box with cotton cloth and batter to prevent the grinding slag from accelerating the wear of the gear, measure the bearing side surface with steel wire rope in the gear meshing clearance after grinding

And record the upper cover of the planetary gear reducer, seal the joint surface to prevent oil leakage. Complete the coupling, remove the grounding ring and run the test. First, run at half speed without load, run at full speed without load, and then run at half full load. After checking that there is no fault, the equipment maintenance work is completed.

How to lubricate the reducer gear. For the lubrication of reducer, the maintenance of reducer is also very important. Open or semi-open gear reducer, or low-speed closed gear transmission, is usually lubricated by regular workers with lubricating oil or grease. The lubrication conditions of reducers are also different for different reducers.

When the peripheral speed of the gear reducer is greater than 12m/s, it must be lubricated by oil injection, that is, constant pressure oil supply through oil pump or central oil supply station and lubrication through oil nozzle. The gears mesh on the workbench. When V ≤ 25m/s, the nozzle can be located at the meshing edge of teeth or whistle. When V>25m/s, the nozzle should be located at one side of the whistle teeth, and the working teeth should be cooled in time with lubricating oil, and at the same time, the working teeth should be lubricated.

The utility model discloses a general closed gear transmission reducer, and its lubrication method adopts the circumferential speed of the gear. When the peripheral speed of the gear is less than 12m/s, the gear teeth of the big gear are often immersed in oil and lubricated. In this way, when the gear is driven, the lubricating oil is brought to the meshing tooth surface, and at the same time, the oil is squeezed to the wall of the oil tank to dissipate heat.

The oil immersion depth depends on the peripheral speed of the gear, and the gear generally does not exceed the tooth height, but generally should not be less than 10 mm. Bevel gears must be immersed in the whole tooth width, at least half the tooth width. In multi-stage gear transmission, the tooth surface of the gear can bear oil that is not immersed in oil.

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