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Micro RV Reducer used in jewelry engraving machines

Everyone knows that the gearboxes used in jewelry engraving machines have extremely strict requirements, and regular gearboxes just won't cut it. Traditionally, people might think that harmonic drive gearboxes are the go-to, but they have poor load-bearing capacity and significant precision loss during long-term operation, making them unsuitable as a "perfect match" for jewelry engraving machines.

However, with the emergence of the Dongguan Weitensitan cycloidal gearboxes, the shortcomings of harmonic drive gearboxes have been addressed, quickly making them the "darlings" of various high-precision industries.

Recently, a jewelry engraving machine customer approached us and successfully upgraded from a harmonic drive gearbox + bearings solution to using the WF25-51 cycloidal gearbox paired with a 200W servo motor!

At first glance, this seemingly unremarkable cycloidal gearbox might not appear much different from a regular gearbox, so why has it caught the eye of various high-precision industries and seems poised to sweep through the field of precision transmission? Let's explore this further together.

This cycloidal gearbox currently has 5 different specifications: WF07, WF17, WF25, WF32, WF40. Perhaps it doesn't have the extensive "family system" like traditional gearboxes, but it focuses on being "compact and refined."

Each specification is a classic work, irreplaceable. With a small and exquisite appearance, the smallest outer diameter is only 40mm, smaller than a child's palm when held, earning it the title of "the world's smallest precision cycloidal gearbox"!

This compact and precise cycloidal gearbox, known for its small size and high precision, has a lifespan and rigidity that are more than three times that of harmonic gearboxes, even after 20,000 hours of use!

Its excellent gear reduction performance enables smooth operation and precise positioning. With its support, any equipment is as steady as a rock, completing precise artistry in the production process, efficiently and seamlessly. This is the introduction to the Dongguan Fubao cycloidal gearbox. If you want to delve deeper, please follow us.
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