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Show you the structure of the reducer

1. Common Gear Reducer

Common gear reducers are very common in the process of mechanical drive by customers in factories. It uses two gears mounted on two similar shafts to complete the tasks of transmitting power and reducing speed. This reducer has a lever, a cam and some ball bearings.

The common gear reducer can provide various reduction ratios, thus providing appropriate rotational speeds for various machines, vehicles and equipment. They are easy to maintain and have a long service life.

2. planetary reducer

Planetary reducer is a kind of reducer structure, which is usually used to meet the demand of high torque and low speed output. It consists of a circular gear (sun gear) and several gears (planetary gears) rotating around it. In this system, the input shaft rotates sun gear, and the planetary wheel slides between the sun gear and the fixed support, thus changing the speed and torque of the output shaft.

For applications requiring high torque and low speed output, planetary reducer is a very suitable solution. It has high durability and reliability.

3. Bevel gear reducer

Bevel gear reducers usually use right-angle transmission to meet high torque requirements. It consists of two axes intersecting at right angles. One of the shafts is equipped with a driving gear for rotating one of the two bevel gears. The other face of each bevel gear is meshed with the output shaft, thus realizing the task of rotating the output shaft. Bevel gear reducer has very high reliability and durability, and works under very high load.

4. Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer

Spiral bevel gear reducer is a complex reducer structure, which consists of bevel gear, spiral gear, matching shaft and coupling. If you need to output more torque in high load and low speed environment, then this reducer will be a good choice. In addition, because of its complex structure, spiral bevel gear reducer usually has higher cost.
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