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Planetary Reducers Compared to Ordinary Reducers

Compared with cylindrical gear reducer transmission, planetary gear reducer transmission has many unique advantages. Its most significant feature is that it can split power when transmitting power; at the same time, its input shaft and output shaft are coaxial, that is, the output shaft and the input shaft are both set on the same main axis. Therefore, planetary gear reducer transmission is now used to replace ordinary gear transmission, and as a speed increaser and transmission device in various mechanical transmission systems. ​

The main characteristics of planetary gear reducer transmission are as follows:

1. Smooth movement, strong resistance to shock and vibration

Due to the use of several planet wheels with the same structure, evenly distributed around the center wheel, the forces of the planet wheels and the rotating arm can be balanced with each other. At the same time, the coaxial reducer also increases the number of teeth participating in meshing, so the movement of planetary gear transmission is smooth, the ability to resist impact and vibration is strong, and the work is more reliable.

2. The transmission ratio is large, and the synthesis and decomposition of motion can be realized

As long as the type of planetary gear transmission and the tooth matching scheme are appropriately selected, a large transmission ratio can be obtained with a few gears. In a planetary gear reducer transmission that only serves to transmit motion, the transmission ratio can reach several thousand. It should be pointed out that planetary gear transmission can still maintain many advantages such as compact structure, small mass, and small volume when its transmission ratio is large. Moreover, it can also realize the synthesis and decomposition of motion and realize complex motions with various speed changes. ​

3. The planetary gear reducer has small size, low mass, compact structure and large load-bearing capacity

Since the planetary gear transmission has power splitting and each center wheel forms a coaxial transmission and the rational application of internal meshing gear pairs, it can make its structure very compact. Since several planetary gears are evenly distributed around the center wheel to share the load, each gear bears a smaller load and allows these gears to adopt a smaller module. In addition, the structure of the coaxial reducer makes full use of the large load-bearing capacity of the internal meshing and the accommodated volume of the internal ring gear itself, which is conducive to reducing its outer size, making it small in size and mass, with a very compact structure and high load-bearing capacity. big. Generally, the outer dimensions and mass of planetary gear transmission are about 1/2 to 1/5 of ordinary gear transmission (that is, under the same load conditions).

4. The transmission efficiency of the planetary gear reducer is high

Due to the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure, that is, it has several evenly distributed planet wheels, the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the arm bearing can balance each other, which is conducive to achieving Improve transmission efficiency. When the transmission type is appropriately selected and the structural layout is reasonable, the efficiency value can reach 0.97~0.99.
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