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Planetary Reducers for CNC Cutting Machines in Carpentry

Since CNC cutting machines for carpentry use synchronous belts, which inevitably have a certain tension force, prolonged usage can lead to a decrease in accuracy. However, CNC cutting machines require high precision from the machinery. Generally, they need to handle heavy loads and require torque that exceeds the servo motor's capacity. This problem can be effectively solved by connecting the servo motor output torque through FUBAO planetary reducers.

The advantages of using FUBAO planetary reducers are as follows:

1. Increased torque: To increase the output torque, one method could be to directly increase the servo motor's output torque. However, this approach would require expensive high-power servo motors with stronger structures. Increasing torque is directly proportional to increasing control current, which would lead to the need for larger drivers, power electronic components, and related electromechanical equipment, resulting in a significant increase in control system costs.

By using FUBAO dual-support structure planetary reducers to connect the servo motor, the transmission accuracy is high, the gear transmission is smoother, the transmission noise is low, the efficiency is high, and the stability is better.

2. Improved performance: Improper matching of load inertia is one of the main reasons for unstable servo control. For large load inertia, the best control response can be achieved by adjusting the equivalent load inertia inversely proportional to the square of the reduction ratio. From this perspective, planetary reducers provide the best match for servo control applications.

(FUBAO planetary reducers have an integrated structure between the input shaft and the sun gear, which eliminates the error in the connection between the input shaft and the sun gear compared to split structures, rivets, or key connections. This results in higher precision, higher concentricity, greater load torque capacity, and smoother transmission.)

3. Increased equipment lifespan: Planetary reducers can effectively address the attenuation of the motor's low-speed control characteristics. The control performance of servo motors deteriorates to some extent due to the decrease in speed, especially in terms of signal acquisition and current control stability at low speeds.

Therefore, using reducers can allow the motor to achieve higher speeds. (FUBAO planetary reducers have an internal ring gear directly inserted into the body, made of high-quality alloy steel 42Crmo, with a process of quenching and nitriding through imported gear insertion machines, ensuring precision and hardness.)

Based on the above analysis, FUBAO dual-support planetary reducers are the best choice for CNC cutting machines in carpentry. The applicable models for CNC cutting machines include WPG090L1, WPG115L2, and WAB180, with motor power ranging from 400 watts to 3 kilowatts.
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