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What does a RV gearbox mean for robots?

According to reports, a Shanghai-based construction robot technology innovation company is providing a comprehensive solution for intelligent construction in the construction industry, using construction robots as carriers, including equipment and application technology.

The company's R&D lineup includes the masonry robot Mobot, the general construction robot GCR, which is used for secondary structure construction, the Smart Longeron for installing components in large indoor spaces, and the low-speed unmanned operation system for specific application scenarios. In the field of domestic masonry robot subdivision, the company's related products have taken the lead in entering the industrial application stage and are at the forefront in terms of technological advancement, scene adaptability, and practical efficiency.

After extensive engineering verification and analysis of typical cases, robot masonry construction has the following advantages compared to traditional manual masonry methods:

Firstly, it reduces labor intensity and improves quality and efficiency. The introduction of masonry robots significantly improves the working conditions of building wall construction, reducing the labor intensity of construction workers by 80% and increasing work efficiency by 4 to 5 times.

Secondly, it introduces skilled industrial workers. Due to the increasing aging of migrant workers, the frontline construction teams in the construction industry are facing a shortage of successors. The popularization and development of robot masonry has introduced a new profession, the intelligent builder, to construction sites, promoting the skill rejuvenation of masonry workers and providing a new generation of human resources for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry towards new technologies and new productivity.

Thirdly, it increases construction company profits. Due to the higher efficiency of robot masonry compared to manual masonry, it can significantly reduce construction costs and increase the individual profits of construction contractors. This will promote construction companies to increase their equipment inventory and equipment technology level, carry out intelligent construction, and embark on a path of improving quality and efficiency through reliance on technology and advanced equipment.

So, what does a gearbox mean for robots?

In the field of industrial control, the gearbox is like the "rhythm master," using gear speed converters to reduce the motor's rotational speed to the desired speed and obtain a larger torque. In industrial robots, gearboxes are mainly used in RV reducers and harmonic reducers. RV reducers are mostly used in the "big joints" of robots, such as the base and shoulders, while harmonic reducers are used in the "small joints" of the robot's arm and wrist.

Harmonic reducers have a simple structure, high transmission accuracy, high transmission ratio, and transmission efficiency of up to 90%, making them often used in situations where high control accuracy is required for robots. RV reducers have the characteristics of compact structure, low vibration, and low energy consumption, with two-stage reduction and strong disc stability. Compared with simple cycloidal pinwheel planetary transmission, RV reducers are smaller in size, have stronger overload capacity, and have greater output shaft rigidity. Therefore, they are widely used in industrial robots.

As a gearbox manufacturer, FUBAO has been devoted to the research and development of precision reducers for more than 20 years, and has applied for 18 invention patents, including 6 international PCT invention patents. The new technology route has expanded the application scope of FUBAO robot reducers. From small inspection robots, parallel robots, collaborative robots, medical robots to large industrial robots, they can be easily applied.

The company has successfully broken the foreign technical blockade in the field of domestic robot reducers, played a great role in breaking the serious dependence on imported precision reducers in China, and contributed to the healthy development of China's automation industry.
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