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Simple treatment method of reducer fault

1. Improper selection of lubricating oil

The speed slows down the requirements of two parts of the machine for the variety, viscosity and other functions of lubricating oil. The choice of matching can reduce the friction resistance between the contact surfaces inside the lubricating oil, the wear of the gear surface and the noise and vibration of the transmission will also be reduced. Improper selection of lubrication will greatly weaken the effectiveness, the hydrodynamic oil film will easily split, the gears and other surfaces will contact each other, and the pressure will gather, which will seriously destroy the gears and even destroy the equipment.

2. Improper amount of lubricating oil

In the process of slowing down the rapid operation of the machine, the oil pool is stirred violently, and the lubricating oil spurts out of the machine when the speed is slowed down. If the oil measurement of its lubricating oil is too much, a large number of lubricating oils are piled up at the shaft seal, end cover and joint surface, which leads to oil leakage, which increases the operation obstacles of rotating parts such as bearings and gears, increases power consumption, and reduces heat dissipation, which leads to rising oil temperature and viscosity drop, which makes the oil film thinner, deteriorates the normal lubrication state of the friction surface, and makes the equipment seriously worn.

If the oil measurement of its lubricating oil is too small, the speed of the machine is slowed down, and the gears, bearings and joint surfaces of the machine can not form oil films because of insufficient lubricating oil, and dry friction emerges, which also makes the equipment seriously worn.

3. There are pollutants such as air, mechanical impurities and free water in the lubricating oil.

When the speed of the machine slows down, the lubricating oil in the machine is easily affected by mechanical impurities, water, air and other pollutants. For example, free water can make the lubricating oil emit acidic materials, corrode metal parts and wear them sharply. Mixing air in oil can make the oil oxidized and deteriorate, even make the metal parts oxidized and corroded. Impurities make the cleanliness of lubricating oil decrease, the oil quality deteriorate and the viscosity grade drop, resulting in the jamming and failure of speed control system and even the destruction of equipment.

Iv. preventive measures

1. Selection of lubricating oil

According to the working environment where the speed is slowed down, the difference of load, activity characteristics and friction patterns, the appropriate lubricating oil model is accurately selected. For example, gear oil with low viscosity and good fluidity should be selected for fast-moving gears, lubricating oil with good wear resistance should be selected for low-speed moving gears, and gear oil with low pour point should be selected for low-temperature running gears.

2. Application of lubricating oil

In order to ensure that the speed slows down the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to apply the lubricating oil accurately. (1) to ensure that the oiler is thoroughly cleaned, and pollutants such as impurities are strictly spared from being immersed in the oil tank to prevent water leakage, oil leakage and mixed oil improvisation. (2) the amount of lubricating oil should be appropriate, and the oil control should be carried out gradually according to the instructions of the relevant instructions. Furthermore, it is necessary to change the time limit of the lubricating oil that slows down the machine. (3) As far as possible, make the lubricating oil work in a fixed and suitable environment, and the oil temperature during the task is generally ≤80℃, so as to reduce the influence of the environment on the lubricating oil.

3. Early maintenance and fault diagnosis

It is necessary to study the theory of maintenance and fault diagnosis of lubricating oil that slows down the speed, grasp the task law of slowing down the speed, and integrate theory with reality; Check the lubricating oil with slow speed for a time limit, and find out the reason immediately if it is abnormal, so as to diagnose and deal with the fault at the initial stage; Wash the parts within a time limit, ensure the cleanliness of the task parts, strengthen the task of caring for the parts, reduce the wear caused by pollution, prolong the life and slow down the application life of the machine.
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