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The Application of Gear Reducers in Multi-level Car Parks

In everyday life, cars have become an essential means of transportation for everyone. Although cars have brought us great convenience in travel, as cars become more and more popular, parking difficulties have become a social problem. In order to meet the parking needs of the people, underground multi-level car parks have emerged. Gear reducers, as a type of transmission mechanism, are one of the key technical components of multi-level car parks.
It is understood that currently, around 70% of the multi-level car parks on the market use RV gear reducers and planetary gear reducers. The motion function of multi-level car parks mainly relies on gear reducers to achieve, and their quality directly affects the overall performance of the car park. Therefore, when selecting gear reducers for multi-level car parks, torque, braking torque, vertical axial force, power, and speed need to be considered. FUBAO's dedicated RV gear reducer for multi-level car parks can meet these performance requirements.
RV gear reducers are developed based on traditional needle gear reducers. They not only overcome the disadvantages of general needle gear transmission but also have more advantages, such as long lifespan, stable precision, high efficiency, smooth transmission, small size, light weight, and a wide range of reduction ratios. FUBAO's RV gear reducer adopts a double-support supporting mechanism and needle gear mechanism, even when subjected to torque up to 6 times the rated torque, the product will not be damaged, and the torsional rigidity is very high. It has small backlash, small size, and high torque. In order to directly support larger loads, it is equipped with a main bearing (large angular contact ball bearing) internally.
FUBAO's dedicated RV gear reducer for multi-level car parks has the following characteristics:
1. Built-in main bearing mechanism
   - Improved reliability
   - Reduced overall cost
   - Equipped with radial thrust ball bearings, it can support external loads, has high torque rigidity, and allows for a reduction in the number of constituent parts required.
   - Uses a coupling and motor flange, making motor installation very simple.
2. stage reduction mechanism
   - Low vibration
   - Slower revolution speed of gears reduces vibration and reduces the inertial load on the motor's input gear.
3. Double-column support mechanism
   - High torsional rigidity
   - Strong impact resistance
   - The crankshaft in the gear reducer is supported by a double-column.
4. Rolling contact mechanism
   - Excellent startup power
   - Low wear and long lifespan
   - Small backlash (1 arc.min)
Currently, the domestic market's demand for multi-level car parks is maintaining rapid growth. As the core component of the transmission mechanism in multi-level car parks, the future of RV gear reducers is both challenging and promising.

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