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The Most important Functions of Gearboxes in Humanoid Robots

Speaking of humanoid robots, undoubtedly the most popular one recently is the Tesla humanoid robot Optimus Prime. According to reports, this robot is capable of walking steadily, rotating its body, waving to the audience below the stage, and performing simple dance moves at a slow pace.

RV gearboxes, as one of the core components of robots, play a crucial role in robot joints, enabling them to achieve a level of flexibility close to that of humans. RV gearboxes serve as intermediate mechanisms connecting the power source and the executing mechanism, matching the speed and transmitting torque.

In the classification of gearboxes, RV gearboxes are characterized by good rigidity, shock resistance, high reduction ratio, small backlash, high precision, long service life, and more reliable stability when applied to robots.

Today, we will provide a detailed introduction to RV gearboxes, giving you a deeper understanding of one of the most sophisticated components in industrial robots.

In articulated robots, RV gearboxes are generally placed in heavy-load positions such as the base, upper arm, and shoulder. If industrial robots are compared to humans, gearboxes are like joints. Without them, the various parts cannot operate more effectively.

Robot RV gearboxes consist of a planetary gear reducer as the front stage and a cycloidal pinwheel reducer as the rear stage. RV gearboxes are compact in structure, have a large transmission ratio, and under certain conditions, have self-locking functions. They are commonly used gearboxes.

RV gearboxes are developed based on traditional cycloidal planetary transmission. They not only overcome the shortcomings of general cycloidal transmission but also have a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, wide range of transmission ratios, long service life, high precision, high strength, high rigidity, good stability, high efficiency, and smooth transmission. They are widely used in industrial robots.

RV gearboxes have higher fatigue strength, stiffness, and lifespan compared to commonly used harmonic gearboxes in robots. Moreover, their backlash accuracy is stable. Unlike harmonic gearboxes, the motion precision does not decrease with usage time. Therefore, RV gearboxes are often used in high-precision robot transmissions.

In fact, due to the excellent performance of RV gearboxes, they are widely used not only in robots but also in cutting-edge fields such as CNC machine tools, semiconductor LCD manufacturing equipment, new energy, aerospace, and other areas that require precise motion control.

Experts from the new generation of precision gearbox manufacturers believe that with the development of high-end manufacturing, the demand for RV gearboxes will continue to increase.

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