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The Overheating of Harmonic Drive Bearings

Harmonic Drive Reducer is a type of transmission device that matches the speed between the prime mover and the working or executing mechanism, and transfers torque. It is a new type of reducer developed based on the principle of planetary gear transmission, known for its high precision, and is also referred to as a zero-backlash reducer.

The Harmonic Drive Reducer consists of three main components: the rigid wheel, the flexible wheel, and the wave generator. The wave generator is typically composed of an elliptical disc and bearings, serving as the driving element, with bearings being its main constituent. As the bearings provide the driving force for the rotational motion in harmonic transmission, a certain amount of temperature rise may occur. As long as the temperature rise does not exceed the specified range of the Harmonic Drive Reducer, it is considered normal. However, excessive heating of the bearings in the Harmonic Drive can occur due to various reasons. Below, Fubao Mechanical and Electrical will present the causes and solutions for the overheating of Harmonic Drive bearings.

1. Cause: Low precision of Harmonic Drive bearings.

Solution: Select Harmonic Drive bearings with high precision grades.

2. Cause: Spindle bending or non-concentricity of the housing hole.

Solution: Repair the spindle or housing.

3. Cause: Belt tension is too tight.

Solution: Adjust the belt to an appropriate tension.

4. Cause: Poor lubrication of Harmonic Drive bearings.

Solution: Use specified grade lubricating grease and clean it properly.

5. Cause: Low assembly quality.

Solution: Improve the assembly quality.

6. Cause: Wear of the inner and outer race of the Harmonic Drive bearings.

Solution: Replace the Harmonic Drive bearings and related worn parts.

7. Cause: Excessive axial force.

Solution: Clean and adjust the clearance between the sealing ring, with a requirement of 0.2 to 0.3mm, and check the static balance value.

8. Cause: Damage to the Harmonic Drive bearings.

Solution: Replace the bearings with new ones.

Shaft components of mechanical equipment, especially the shafts of reducers, are generally assembled with crossed roller bearings or flexible bearings and rotate at high speeds. If any of the above causes of overheating of Harmonic Drive bearings occur, it will generate high temperatures. If these causes are not addressed promptly, it can lead to overheating of the Harmonic Drive bearings, increase the temperature of corresponding parts, and cause thermal deformation. In severe cases, it can reduce the service life of the Harmonic Drive, not only affecting its own precision and the precision of the mechanical equipment but also potentially causing more significant mechanical failures.

The above are the causes and solutions for the overheating of Harmonic Drive bearings. If you have any other questions about reducers, please contact ​us, and we will provide you with professional answers.

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