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The Precision Planetary Gear Reducer

The precision planetary reducer, also known as a "servo planetary reducer" or "motor reducer," features a main transmission structure consisting of a planetary wheel, a sun gear, and an internal gear.

With a diverse range of models, the two common styles are parallel shaft output and right-angle output. Today, I would like to introduce a commonly seen WAB parallel shaft output reducer, specifically the WAB120L1-5-24-110 model.

The WAB120L1-5-24-110 is a 1-stage planetary reducer with a speed ratio of 5, customized for use on a fully automatic screen printing machine.

The precision planetary  reducer is a practical product developed independently by Fubao. It boasts features such as low noise (below 65dB), high rigidity, high precision (achieving within 3 arc minutes for single-stage and within 5 arc minutes for double-stage), high transmission efficiency (reaching 97%-98% for single-stage), high torque-to-volume ratio, high stability (utilizing high-strength alloy steel and hardened gears), high reduction ratio (through modular design, planetary gearboxes can be interconnected), and maintenance-free operation throughout its lifespan.

These reducers are mostly installed on stepper motors and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, and match inertia. As a reducer manufacturer, Fubao can provide complete technical solutions and selection services.

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