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The Selection and Usage of RV Reducers

The RV reducer is a transmission device used in automated machinery. Its service areas mainly include industrial, medical, aerospace, navigation, and security fields, among others. Its application is not limited and can be found wherever mechanical equipment is present.
To facilitate your selection and usage, I would like to provide you with some important considerations:
1. Pay attention to torque calculation when selecting an RV reducer. Torque calculation is crucial for the lifespan of the RV reducer. Ensure that the maximum torque value (TP) does not exceed the maximum load torque of the RV reducer.
2. Aim to select a reduction ratio close to the ideal value. The reduction ratio can be calculated using the formula: Reduction ratio = servo motor speed / RV reducer output shaft speed. This formula is well-known among mechanical professionals. By calculating the reduction ratio, you can find an RV reducer model that closely matches your requirements. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from the reducer manufacturer for the selection process.
3. Consider the reduction mode and related considerations. The application power generally corresponds to commonly used servo motor types available in the market. The RV reducer has high adaptability, with a working coefficient that can be maintained above 1.2.
However, the selection can also be customized based on your specific needs. Key points to consider include:
(1) Ensure that the output shaft diameter of the selected servo motor does not exceed the dimensions specified in the shaft diameter table.
(2) If the torque calculation indicates that the operation speed meets the requirements under normal conditions, but there is insufficient output during full servo operation, you can implement current limiting control on the motor side or apply torque protection on the mechanical shaft.
Additional notes for using RV reducers:
1. Use the reducer within its rated torque.
2. Choose a suitable motor to match the RV reducer.
3. WF series cycloidal RV reducers are lubricated for life and do not require additional oiling. Do not disassemble them separately.
4. For harsh working environments, high ambient temperatures, or special applications, refer to the instructions provided by the reducer manufacturer.
5. Ensure correct installation. RV reducers are highly precise products, so handle them with care during installation. Avoid impacts or using a hammer to strike the central shaft or any other part.
6. Installation, operation, maintenance, and servicing of RV reducers should only be performed by trained professionals.

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