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Troubleshooting methods of gear reducer

01 "O" type circle curse

In addition to the oil seal of the reducer itself, robot manufacturers will also have an impact on the design and assembly of the reducer components, because the seal of the reducer, in addition to the oil seal, there are O-rings.

O-ring is a very common standard for product sealing design, and there are also corresponding national standards for inquiry. In the robot reducer, most manufacturers will match the O-ring and process the O-ring groove. In some cases, the manufacturer is not equipped with an O-ring, and there is no O-ring groove on the reducer. At this time, it is necessary to design the mounting flange. However, due to capillary phenomenon, the base oil will still penetrate.

02 assembly design and assembly technology

Why are many domestic manufacturers puzzled that the same HD and Teijin reducers were used, but they were damaged before the four families? This may be caused by the immature assembly technology. The structure can be visually disassembled to see and imitate, but the assembly design and technology can't be seen in the robot or even in the drawings. Mature robot manufacturers will have professional process engineers who specialize in robot assembly, including reducer assembly.

03 servo control

Servo control has a great influence on the reducer. The servo control here includes the whole system of motor, driver and controller. If the servo performance is poor or the servo is not well adjusted, the motor is prone to jitter at different speeds or loads, and even if the mechanical design is not good, resonance often occurs. In the servo selection, it is also a place that domestic robots don't pay much attention to. Domestic robots emphasize cost performance, but in actual operation, many will pay more attention to price rather than performance.

04 overtime use

Robots can work around the clock. It's actually a misunderstanding. First, robots need to rest. Generally, robots are advised to rest for 1 hour every 12 hours. Of course, this is for a relatively poor working environment. If the robot itself works comfortably, it is not impossible to run for 24 hours. Second, robots need maintenance. Robots are also a kind of precision equipment, which needs to be maintained regularly to reduce the loss rate and prolong the service life, just like cars.

05 overload use and impact

This situation is quite common in China. Every robot has a design load and inertia. Pay attention to the two elements. Many customers will only look at the load and not the inertia, so sometimes the load does not exceed, but the inertia exceeds a lot, so the robot will also have various problems.

Another problem is the impact problem, which is the most tangled place. There are two kinds of shocks, one is collision, the other is emergency stop, including sudden stop or sudden power failure. Impact is relatively better for RV. After all, RV is much more rigid. Of course, the number of impacts should not be too many, but for harmonics, impact is very sensitive. Collision is generally an accident during debugging or production, which is an accident in general, not subjective, but emergency stop is often a subjective and irregular operation.
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