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Common reducers used in industrial robots

reducers used in robot
1.RV reducer

The reducer frame is a new transmission mechanism, which is based on the traditional rotating planetary pin gear. High efficiency has been widely used in industrial robot joints. The Servo engine power of industrial robot is input to the gear on the shaft by the reducer, so that the output fangs become the gear shaft, thus achieving the purpose of deceleration. The percentage of teeth and gears is the percentage of infection spread.

2. Harmonic reducer

Harmonic reducer is a new type of transition mechanism in reducer gear, which is usually used in industrial robots with minimum load. The usefulness of the model composed of generator waves with elastic wheels and rigid wheels is slightly higher than the flexibility of wheels. Harmonic reducer has obvious driving advantages, small size, few parts, single engine 50-4000%, transmission efficiency 92-96%.

3. Planetary reducer

In short, the planet in the planetary reducer is the three wheels of the planet orbiting the sun. Planetary reducer is a reducer function, also known as planetary reducer, which can be used to reduce the engine speed. Industrial robot, improve torque.

Planetary working principle and gear reduction: when the sun rotates under the drive of the car, the participation of planetary wheels will make the planetary wheels rotate. At the same time, the other side of the planet wheel works on the inner wall of the shell together with the inner ring and the circular gear.

And the planet wheel can rotate on the inner ring and the circular gear along the rotating direction of sun gear in the driving force rotating frame, thus forming the revolutionary movement of the inner ring and the circular gear. Running around the sun is a wheel.

What kinds of reducers are commonly used in industrial robots? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What types of gears do industrial robots usually use? What types of gears do industrial robots usually use? RV reducer.

The harmonic reducer planet can make the Servo engine work at a suitable speed, which can completely reduce the speed to the speed required by each component of the industrial robot and increase the torque generated.

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