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What are Differences between Precision RV reducers?

With the rapid development of China's smart mechanical technology market economy, the export quantity of many large-scale mechanical industries is gradually increasing, and the industrial robot industry is also flourishing.

Speaking of industrial robot

It is inevitable to mention the development of their main components. Precision reducers are an essential part of industrial robots, and the future prospects of the reducer industry are immeasurable.

The sales volume of industrial robots is increasing year by year, and the demand for precision RV reducers is also growing. It is estimated that by 2030, the demand for reducers in the industrial robot industry will reach about 1.1 million units, with a market size of about 8 billion.

Precision reducers are one of the core industries in China's mechanical parts industry and are widely used in industrial machinery. Their main function is to match the speed and transmit torque between the prime mover and the working or executing mechanism.

Late start of technical research on RV reducers​

Although the reducer industry is developing well, due to the late start of technical research on RV reducers in China, there is still a heavy reliance on foreign brands. Although China has increased investment in the reducer industry in recent years, the gap is gradually narrowing.

Enterprises focusing on industrial automation transmission RV reducer products and applications can now produce and customize professional, high-precision, and cutting-edge precision reducer products.

Many companies in China have accumulated advanced gear technology for more than 20 years and have developed a new generation of reducers with high precision, high torque stiffness, high reliability, low noise, long lifespan, maintenance-free, and small size.

In order to meet the development requirements of the industrial automation industry, on the basis of the original products (planetary reducers), Japan's Harmonica (HD) reducers, FUBAO reducers, SPINEA bearing reducers, RV robot joint reducers, harmonic reducers, gear racks, and servo motors have been introduced.

They have been widely used in tool machinery, such as CNC machinery series; industrial machinery; factory automation equipment, such as robotic arms, medical industry, etc.; and other applications, such as cutting machines, welding machines, and other mechanical automation fields.

It has to be said that industrial robots are rising, and domestic Chinese companies are still achieving large-scale production by breaking through technology, thus completing overtaking in the bend.


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