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What are the robot gear reducers?

harmonic reducer

The robot reducer is the key component of the robot, and its function can not be underestimated. It is built in the robot joint and plays a key role in matching the speed and transmitting the torque.

It can be said that without the reducer, the robot can't operate normally. Just like human joints, the reducer plays a vital role in the movement of the robot, precisely controlling the force path and position.

At present, robots mainly use two types of reducers, namely harmonic reducers and RV reducers. Harmonic reducer and RV reducer are suitable for different types of robot joints. Generally speaking, RV reducer is used to control the heavy-load joints of robots, while harmonic reducer or miniature cycloidal reducer is used to control the small-load joints.

As a kind of cycloidal structure with harmonic size, miniature cycloidal reducer has the characteristics of small volume, high transmission accuracy and stable operation. It is also widely used in robots.

Micro cycloidal reducer plays an important role in controlling the robot with small load-bearing joints. Through its precise transmission and speed matching, the robot can run efficiently and stably at work.

rv reducer

The function of reducer is not limited to the robot field. In fact, in all kinds of mechanical equipment, the reducer plays a vital role. It reduces the rotation speed of high-speed motor through deceleration transmission, and transmits a large torque to the working mechanism, thus realizing the efficient operation of mechanical equipment.

In industrial production, all kinds of mechanical equipment are inseparable from the auxiliary role of reducer, which can be said to be an indispensable part of modern industrial production.

To sum up, the reducer, as an important part of the robot, realizes the efficient and stable operation of the robot through its precise transmission and speed matching. At the same time, the reducer also plays an important role in industrial production.

As a new type of reducer, micro cycloidal reducer has a broad application prospect in robot industry, which will inject new "blood" into the development of robots!

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