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What types of reducers are there in FUBAO Reducers?

fubao reducers used in robot arm
Reducers can be divided into gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers, which can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers according to different transmission stages, and most of them are used in machinery industry, industrial applications and common household appliances in daily life.

The function of reducer can be seen in the transmission system of all kinds of machinery, from ships, cars and locomotives, heavy machinery used in construction, processing machines and automatic production equipment used in machinery industry. Its application can be seen from the transmission of large power to the transmission of small load and precise angle, and in industrial applications, the reducer has the function of slowing down and increasing torque.

Function of reducer

The reducer increases the output torque while slowing down, and reduces the inertia of the load at the same time. The functions of deceleration and torque increase are generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment, and the motor speed is reduced by frequency converter to drive the deceleration transmission device. The main function of the reducer is to reduce the output speed, increase the torque and improve the load capacity, so as to achieve the ideal transmission effect and meet the work requirements. At the same time, the reducer also has the following functions:

1. Speed down while increasing the output torque. The torque output ratio is multiplied by the reduction ratio according to the motor output, but it should be noted that it cannot exceed the rated torque of the reducer.

2, deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time, and the reduction of inertia is the square of the deceleration ratio.

Functions of various reducers

General reducers include helical gear reducers (including parallel axis helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers, bevel gear reducers, etc.), planetary gear reducers, cycloidal pin wheel reducers, worm gear reducers, planetary friction mechanical continuously variable transmissions and so on.

1. Helical gear reducer

Helical gear reducer is a novel deceleration transmission device. Adopting the advanced design concept of modular combination system, it has the properties of small volume, light weight, large transmission torque, smooth starting and fine transmission ratio classification, and can be connected at will and selected in various installation positions according to user requirements.

2. Planetary gear reducer

Planetary gear reducer is also called planetary reducer and servo reducer. In the reducer family, planetary reducer is widely used in servo motor, stepping motor, DC motor and other transmission systems because of its small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range and high precision. Its function is to reduce the speed, increase the torque and reduce the moment of inertia ratio of load/motor on the premise of ensuring precise transmission.

3. Cycloidal pin wheel reducer

Cycloid pin-wheel reducer adopts the principle of cycloid pin-tooth meshing and planetary transmission, so it is usually called planetary cycloid reducer. Its smooth structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer in many cases. Therefore, planetary pin-wheel reducer is widely used in various industries and fields and is widely welcomed by users.

4. Worm gear reducer

Worm gear reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed converter of gear to slow down the number of revolutions of the motor to the desired number and get a larger torque. Among the mechanisms used to transmit power and motion, the reducer has a wide range of applications.

5. Planetary continuously variable transmission

Planetary friction mechanical continuously variable transmission is mainly composed of pressing active device, friction transmission mechanism and speed control mechanism. Tapered driving wheel and pressure plate are pressed by a group of disc springs, and the input shaft is connected with the driving wheel by keys to form a pressed driving device. Planetary continuously variable transmission has strong combination ability, and can be combined with various types of reducers to achieve low speed and high torque transmission effect.

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