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Comparing RV reducer with harmonic reducer, which one has better performance?

RV reducer and harmonic reducer are two commonly used deceleration devices. They have different characteristics and performances. This paper will compare RV reducer and harmonic reducer, and discuss which reducer has better performance.

First of all, RV reducer is a mechanical deceleration device realized by planetary gear transmission. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient disassembly and strong bearing capacity. RV reducer reduces speed through gear transmission, and the meshing effect between gears is good, which can accurately transmit torque. In addition, RV reducer has the advantages of high precision, low noise and low feedback difference, which makes it widely used in some precision mechanical equipment.

However, compared with it, the harmonic reducer shows better performance in some aspects. Harmonic reducer adopts tension regulator and harmonic generator, which can achieve higher reduction ratio and larger output torque with smaller size. In addition, the harmonic reducer also has the characteristics of high precision, high bearing capacity and high stiffness. It has compact structure and high transmission efficiency, and the reduction ratio can reach more than 1000:1, which makes it show better performance in some high-precision and high-load occasions.

Generally speaking, although RV reducer and harmonic reducer are common mechanical deceleration devices, there are some differences in their performance. If attention is paid to transmission accuracy, low noise and low backlash, RV reducer is more suitable. However, if higher reduction ratio, larger output torque and more compact structure are needed, the harmonic reducer has better performance.

Therefore, when selecting the reducer, it should be determined according to the specific application requirements. If it is used in precision mechanical equipment, RV reducer is more suitable; If it is used in high-precision and high-load situations, the harmonic reducer is more suitable. Both RV reducer and harmonic reducer play an important role in their respective fields and provide effective solutions for different needs in engineering fields.
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