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Micro RV Reducer used in Six-joint robot


With the continuous development of industrial automation technology, robots play an increasingly important role in manufacturing. In the field of industrial robots, the six-joint industrial robot is a common structure, which is usually used to perform tasks that require high precision and great torque.

In this respect, the micro cycloidal reducer is a new generation of robot deceleration device, which is especially suitable for six-joint industrial robots. This paper will introduce the characteristics and practical application cases of this reducer, and show how it brings new breakthroughs to robot research and development.

What is a miniature cycloidal reducer?

Micro cycloidal reducer is a small and efficient reducer, which is often used in industrial machinery. It adopts cycloidal gear design, which has compact structure and high transmission efficiency. Miniature cycloidal reducer is usually composed of reducer shell, cycloidal gear and bearing, and the transmission effect is realized through the meshing of gears.

Compared with the traditional cycloidal reducer, the miniature cycloidal reducer is smaller, so it is more suitable for some occasions with limited space. In addition, it has higher transmission efficiency and can better maintain the running stability of mechanical equipment. Micro cycloidal reducer is widely used in aerospace, automobile, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries to meet the needs of different equipment for deceleration devices.

To sum up, the miniature cycloidal reducer is a compact and efficient reducer with small volume and high transmission efficiency. It is widely used in the field of industrial machinery and becomes an indispensable part of all kinds of equipment. In the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the performance and efficiency of micro cycloidal reducer will be further improved, which will provide greater help for the development of industrial production.

Micro-cycloidal reducer is a kind of robot reducer with cycloidal structure and harmonic size. It adopts a unique working principle and has higher rigidity and torque output than the traditional harmonic reducer. This means that it can better adapt to industrial robots with heavier loads, especially those above 15~50kg. The precise design of the reducer enables the robot to perform more precise and complex tasks, thus improving the production efficiency.

Why choose micro cycloidal reducer?

Excellent rigidity: Compared with harmonic reducer, the rigidity of micro cycloidal reducer is more than 3 times higher. This means that it can better resist the influence of external load and ensure the motion stability and accuracy of the robot. This is very important in applications that require heavy load operation.

Powerful torque: the torque of this reducer is more than 2 times that of harmonic reducer. This enables the robot to easily handle heavier loads and perform tasks that require more torque. Whether it is carrying heavy objects or carrying out complex assembly operations, it can be handy.

Reliability and durability: this reducer ensures its long-term reliability and durability by adopting precision cycloidal gear and Japanese IKO cross roller bearing, with lasting and stable precision and a service life of 20,000 hours.

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